We were very satisfied with the OSC project management.

We recently purchased a duplex in a wonderful new residential area in Cypress Point, Black Mountain which was under construction by Okanagan Sunrise Construction (OSC). The lower half of the houses had not been finished by the original owners, so my wife and I decided to complete the project on our own.

We soon found out that there was so much construction going on in Kelowna, that all trades were completely committed to other ongoing projects. We were repeatedly reminded that our project was “too small” for them to commit resources to it.

Since I was surrounded by OSC trades working on their duplexes in Cypress Point, I took a chance to ask Ryan Franz (OSC partner) if he could recommend various trades to us. Ryan politely pointed out that they could act as project manager for the complete project, and use their recommended on-site trades to complete it in accordance with our wishes. They would get related quotes from the various trades and companies so that we could remove the financial risk etc from the program.

OSC presented a simple contract for their services on a “Cost Plus’’ basis with a standard percentage fee for services, which we agreed to. The companies that they employed were; electrical, framing, drywall, lighting, flooring, painting etc., all of which we received their “contractor pricing”. Additionally, Ryan was able to make recommendations to simplify our plans. Because we were utilizing their on-site contractors, Ryan was able to coordinate their activities so that there were no delays in our progress. Overall we were very satisfied with the OSC project management, and the completed rooms met, or exceeded, our expectations. Everyone who worked on this project were very cooperative, pleasant, and respectful to us.

— Larry and Helen Crabb

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