Get Okanagan Sunrise - and get Rick. Well worth it.

Darren: Months ago, I said I’d write to thank you for building my special home in Okanagan Centre - so here I am, finally doing so. Since I’m expecting that you’ll feel free to pass this on to future individuals like me, I’ll try to express my thoughts from their point of view. 

  1. Okanagan Sunrise had good pricing. It can be difficult to compare bids, since firms may have apples-to-oranges line-items, but analysis of your quote showed you to be lean & efficient. No contest. 
  2. The way I was treated was exemplary. From the beginning, it was clear that Okanagan Sunrise wanted my business, but you never pushed, or were pushy. Opposite really. You waited patiently until I was ready to go ahead. That made it easier for me - and more comfortable. Important too, was the courtesy and class that you and all your people extended me, from the very first, to when you all came out to see the house - at the end. 
  3. Okanagan Sunrise is well-respected by the trades. Since I was on site so much, I got to talking to the actual “worker-people”. To a man, they had only good things to say about you. When stuff went wonky, the “weight” of Okanagan Sunrise often played a role in having a trade return to site to rectify the issue. I know of at least one instance where Sunrise was concerned enough that you actually called a meeting with a particular trade to discuss your own concerns. Impressive. 
  4. Okanagan Sunrise went with the flow. Many aspects of my home were unique. The exterior granite, interior Fir paneling, fixtures, and many other items required you to search out suppliers/trades with whom you might not normally work. You went for it every time… sometimes taking extra hours (days?) to find the right mason, wood, or fixtures. This went above-and-beyond really, because when we started, the house was expected to be “typical” and not the upscale house I ultimately decided upon. 
  5. Flexible budgeting/accounting. The way we met to review the budget, and costs- accrued was clear and professional. As you’d promised from the beginning, it allowed me to adjust things as we proceeded - and know what costs would be. I can’t imagine any other construction company doing better at this than did Okanagan Sunrise. 
  6. Rick Goyette. Even if all of the above didn’t apply, if you can get Rick to build your home - go for it! This guy is the hardest working, most ethical, most creative guy I can imagine. This is shorthand for now… but this guy is respected by the trades, looks out for the trades, and balances the whole project so things go as smoothly as possible. Just as important, he looked out for me. If I was anxious or worried, he had a way of calming things. He made the project FUN. Get Okanagan Sunrise - and get Rick. Well worth it. 

— Nick Frost

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