Attention to detail is evident everywhere you look.

Dear Darren,

It's been three and a half months now since we took ownership of our lovely new cottage at La Casa on Lake Okanagan. The last few weeks we've been able to kick back an really enjoy ourselves; the view, the cottage and the whole experience, and thought it would be appropriate to let you know how much we appreciated all the time, effort and expertise that you and all the staff at Okanagan Sunrise put into making our foray into cottage country happen.

Building a home from scratch must be a daunting task for anyone, but for Penny and I, being far enough away that we couldn't be personally involved, wasn't a problem we needed to worry about. You and your staff made everything flow together seamlessly from the very beginning. Our very first meeting together to discuss our expectations and preliminary design proved to us both that we had made the right decision in picking OSC as our contractor.

The detail and layout of the General Contract was our first clue as to what the value of 40 years experience might be worth. Nothing was missed and we left that meeting knowing exactly what was going to happen and when. Of special note to us was the provision of a "Statutory Declaration in lieu of a Lien Holdback", that removed all concern for dealing with the trades and banking arrangements.

Our meeting with your recommended Suppliers was truly enjoyable. Every one of them brought complete knowledge of their products to the game, which might be expected. But in addition every one of them spent as much time as we wanted explaining the benefits of different products and educating us into the bargain! They were all truly, a very classy group of people. It's unfortunate that distance prevented us from meeting with the tradesmen, to thank them for the outstanding work they all did, and under winter conditions no less! A wonderful result from all of them.

So now the utilities, furnishings and provisioning are finally complete and we've spent the last month simply enjoying our new summer home and the wonderful view. Hardly a day goes by that we don't comment on all the design recommendations you made and how beautifully everything turned out. The finish work and attention to detail are evident everywhere you look, and we can't thank you all enough for making our home away from home so enjoyable.

— Len and Penny Armstrong

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