I wouldn't even consider looking at another builder.

We built our cottage with Okanagan Sunrise Construction Lotd during the winter and spring of this year. As we currently live in Calgary and built our cottage in West Kelowna, I was expecting some communication obstacles, as most of our correspondence with Okanagan Sunrise was done through email. To my great surprise and relief we had no issues whatsoever and no confusion between the two parties. I was very impressed how every detail and option was discussed prior to the work being completed. At no point was anything overlooked throughout our building process.

We took possession of our cottage in June of this year. We were both excited to see it, as we didn't have much time throughout construction to visit the site. Well after our walk through, I then realized what an amazing job they really did. Our deficiencies were so minor; I won't even bother to mention them in this letter. Myself and my wife are both very maticulate individuals, and together we didn't find much to discuss as far as touch up or repairs are concerned. The few items that were addressed were dealt with in a very fast manner. Again we were impressed. I really don't have anything negative to say about Okanagan Sunrise. As far as I am concerned my whole experience with them has been all positive. This company is very professional, organized, and their amount of pride shows in their work. I highly recommend Okanagan Sunrise to anyone looking to build a home. If we ever build again I wouldn't even consider looking at another builder. Okanagan Sunrise will be our first call.

— Mike Caldwell

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