What a great experience this has been.

I have to start off by saying that this letter is way overdue. The weather and lifestyle out here in Kelowna makes it hard to sit and write a letter. That being said, I couldn't put off letting you know how much we love our cottage, or to me, my new home. Pat and the kids worry that one of these days I might not come home.

Right from the beginning of Pat falling in love with the lot, I had my reservations. We live in Alberta with 3 busy kids. Pat owns and runs his own company and I run a small business of my own. Therefore, neither of us had a lot of time to put into looking after a cottage being built. The realtor we were working with highly recommended Okanagan Sunrise Construction to build Pat's dream. From the very beginning, with pricing and communication about what we were looking for, Nick and Darren put our minds at ease. Once the initial planning stage was done, Darren kept in contact through email on a regular basis with pictures and all. I have to say, as this was our third build and the only one I couldn't see from beginning to end because of distance, I worried a little. We didn't get out to see things until the cottage was well on the way. I personally come out to pick flooring, cabinets etc but what I really wanted to see was what appliances Okanagan Sunrise Construction were going to put in the cottage. When I went to look at them, I had full intentions of upgrading them. To my wonderful surprise, there was no need!

The walk through of the cottage with Nick, Darren and Dax was great. Darren and Dax had thought of some minor changes that worked so much better than our plan. They made us feel like no question was too much to ask, even though there wasn't a lot to say as it was better than our expectations. We went home feeling great about the decision to go with Okanagan Sunrise, and I personally went home starting to see not just Pat's dream, but maybe mine as well.

As a few month went by and we had a possession date in sight, we had a personal issue take place in our life and we emailed Darren to see if it was possible if we could somehow get possession 7 days earlier. Between him, Dax and the trades, they went above and beyond to try and make it work, which they did. With Pat being in construction himself, we know how hard that is. Lining trades up and then rescheduling is not an easy task. Our final walk through was so easy, everything looked great.

As with anything new, there were a few tweaks that were looked after right away. One of our first weekend out, the air conditioning wasn't working right. It was a Friday, 36 degrees out, so I thought I would contact Darren to see if he could send someone out thinking maybe by Monday or Tuesday. He had someone out that afternoon. With our first 2 build I had a Foreman and trades coming and going for up to 6 weeks after we took possession. This was a totally different story.

As we've been out here awhile now, I have gotten to watch a few of the cottages Okanagan Sunrise are building and, therefore, have met some of the trades that worked on our cottage. A great group of guys that also speak highly of Okanagan Sunrise.

I just wish my house wasn't so far away. We are starting the planning of a major remodel and I would love to have Darren's ideas and Dax as the man on site. I don't suppose you guys would be willing to come out to Cochrane, Alberta?

I can not say enough about what a great experience this has been. Okanagan Sunrise Construction has made Pat's dream into my dream as well.

— Michelle, Pat Jessica, Shane and Emily

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